#7 - who is afraid of rgb? III

Monumentale rgb-module

Mobile rgb-stickmodule

Implementation of a rgb-module in a found architectural structure

>> Pictures in higher resolution

#4 - Day1

Construction of a white and a black hemisphere. Both hemispheres are reacting
on mouseclick.
White hemisphere on mouseclick: "I am the light"
Black hemisphere on mouseclick: "I am the darkness"

>> Video on youtube

>> Picture: Bible moralisée

#3 - Transformation

Today i modified my appearance. I am a little girl now.

#2 - gadget

Video of my latest work..

#1 - Stable

A reconstruction of the birthplace from christ after Giotto di Bondone.
Fresko, 200 x 185 cm
Cappella Scrovegni (Arena Chapel), Padua

>> The original painting
>> Further pictures